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Privacy Policy

Welcome to Canterbury Crazy Golf's Privacy Policy!

At Canterbury Crazy Golf, we're all about having a ball while respecting your privacy. This policy is your guide to how we handle your data when you, our cherished guest, use our website. So, grab your putter and take a swing through this privacy maze!

Your Mini Golf Adventure

This privacy policy ("Policy") applies to you, the daring explorer of our whimsical website, and Canterbury Crazy Golf, the creative geniuses behind this magical golfing world. We take your data privacy as seriously as a hole-in-one! Everything you need to know about how we collect and use your data can be found here. Please read on!

Guardians of Your Privacy

We at Canterbury Crazy Golf are committed to being the guardians of your privacy. We value your trust, and this Privacy Policy is your VIP pass into the world of data privacy. Any fancy terms you see here are defined in our wacky Terms of Use.

Data Disco

We're all about the groove, but we don't groove with your data. We never SELL or SHARE your data with third-party partners. Unless the law insists otherwise, your data stays right here with us, like a secret treasure on the crazy golf course.

Data Security - Keep it Safe!

Your data is as safe as a golf ball in the final hole. We store it securely, following the Data Protection Act 1998 & GDPR. Want more details on our data security? Check out the "Security" section below!

What Data Do We Need?

Sometimes, we need a little info from you to make sure you have the best crazy golf experience. If you're booking a round of mini golf, we might need your name, email, address, phone number, and credit card details. Don't worry; it's just to make sure you get that hole-in-one!

Your Data, Our Promise

We use your data for good reasons:

  1. Internal record-keeping: We keep track of your golfing adventures.

  2. Special offers and promotions: We'll let you in on the secrets to conquering the craziest courses.

  3. Improving our services: We're always working on making your crazy golf experience better.

  4. Sending you cool stuff: We might send you some fun stuff by email.

  5. Chatting for research: Sometimes we'll chat with you for research, but only if you're cool with it.

Control Your Data

If you have any questions or want to disappear into the mini golf mist, you can reach out to us. Get in touch via email at or submit an inquiry through our website. We're here to help!

Important Note

To keep your treasure chest secure, we might ask for some extra details. We don't keep those secrets in our servers, though. We hand them over to the experts at and, who guard them with their lives!

Data's Expiration Date

We keep your data as long as we need to and no longer. If you have questions or want us to let go of your data, just email us at For member and guest booking data, we'll hold onto it for 190 days, and then it's gone like a golf ball over the horizon!

Security - Guarding Your Data

Data security is our jam. We've got top-notch physical, electronic, and managerial procedures in place to protect your data. You're the boss of your password, though, so keep it secret and safe. The internet can be a wild place, so remember, sharing your data online is like teeing off in a lightning storm - a little risky.

Change is a Hole-in-One

If we decide to change our Privacy Policy, we'll let you know right here. Your continued use of our site means you're on board with any changes. So, keep swinging and stay tuned for updates!

Last updated: October 19, 2023

Canterbury Crazy Golf - Where Every Swing is an Adventure!

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